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About Steiner Prints

Steiner Prints was founded in 1981 by world renowned waterfowl artist Robert Steiner. His is the only art publishing company to be totally committed to duck stamp prints, and is also the only duck stamp publishing house owned by an artist. No other duck stamp print publisher has the aesthetic sense to appreciate and demand the highest quality in all aspects of design and production.

Steiner Prints was founded in 1981 to distribute the 1981 California Duck Stamp print. Since 1981, Steiner Prints has become the leading source for duck stamp prints and waterfowl art in the United States. Over the last decade Robert Steiner has painted & published more than 100 different duck stamp and limited edition waterfowl prints.

To date Steiner Prints has published over 100 duck stamp print programs for over fifteen different states including California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, New York, Colorado, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, Michigan, and Arizona.

Steiner Prints’ office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, pacific standard time. Please check the show schedule or contact Steiner Prints for information about studio parties and other special events.

2013 Federal Common Goldeneye
by Robert Steiner
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