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Statement from Robert Steiner

I begin my highly realistic paintings by gathering as much reference materials as possible. I study waterfowl at a variety of refuges and aviaries throughout the United States. I am able to create photo-realistic paintings of ducks and geese in their natural habitat using acrylic paints on masonite as my medium of choice. I have also been to marshes across America, shooting thousands of photographs of waterfowl and their habitat. In addition, I have many specimens of the birds and I have made hundreds of sketches from them. I blend all of these elements together with the aid of over 25 years of experience to create a suitable composition.

I transfer the outlines of my final compositional drawing to the masonite panel I will be painting on. I then spend a number of weeks drawing in all the details on the panel with a 2H pencil. Next, I go over all of the pencil with an underpainting of purplish sienna as did Leonardo and the old masters.

After spending a few weeks on the underpainting, I meticulously apply a number of multicolor layers of acrylic paint to every passage utilizing many blending techniques including dry brush and glazing. My paintings generally require two or three months of overpainting for completion.

My paintings are subsequently entered into state and federal duck stamp contests and if chosen as the winning painting, the images are reproduced on the conservation stamps for that particular year. The original paintings range in size from 6-1/2”x9” to 13”x18”.

My paintings are reproduced as offset signed and numbered lithographs and are usually framed with the corresponding stamps. Funds raised from the sale of these prints and stamps go to state governments for the critical purpose of wetlands preservation. Almost all of my prints are from editions of less than 200 prints and are color remarqued.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact the offices of Steiner Prints at (415) 387-9754 or email them at

2013 Federal Common Goldeneye
by Robert Steiner
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